Decorating Your Living Room with Plants -- You don't have to be confused when it comes to choosing living room decorations. Whatever the style, plants are the perfect decorative element for it. Plants not only fill empty corners well, they will also provide a fresh atmosphere and which, which keeps you happy and healthy.

We've gathered the best pictures and ideas that you can easily apply to your living room. Keep reading for decorating your living room with plants

1. Choose a plant that suit you

There are so many indoor plants for the living room. However, you have to choose plants that you can really take care of. Choose low-maintenance plant types if you don't often touch your plants at home. 

If you indoor plants with tropical green leaves, you can go with monstera aadansoni, calathea lutea plants, or philodendron. All three are also relatively easy to maintain.

2. Decorate a cabinet or open shelf

Are you running out of the space for your favorite plants? Look at your cabinet or an open shelf in the living room! Your indoor plant collection can be used to decorate a cabinet or open shelf. There, you can place table-top plants with various planter to make your cabinet look more attractive and fresh.

3. No more idle corners

If you feel that en empty corner is less than perfect, try filling it with plants. You can fill it with a wide range of plants, including large leafy plants like monstera plants, small plants like spider plants, and upright sansevieria plants. Placing them in visible corners will provide a pleasant vibe to you and visitors.

4. Personalize your pots

Plants indeed make a living room livelier. It will be even better if you customize the pot for living room plants. There are many different types of good pots or planter, not just black pot or ceramic pots.

For a clean Boho-style living room like this, regular pots are better with a wicker planter basket. This will elevate the plant's status as a Boho living room decoration.

5. Hang some plants


If your attic living room has skylights, use wooden planks for hanging plants around it. You can read about it in our article: 7 Gorgeous Ways to Decorate Your Home with Hanging Plants

Hanging plants will liven up the atmosphere of the living room. They will also fill vertical spaces nicely. 

6. Make the room always bright


Keep in mind that some indoor plants prefer bright indirect light. Especially on tropical indoor plants. So, if you decorate your living room with greenery, make sure it gets at least 6-8 hours of natural light per day. This will keep the plant healthy and happy. They, too, will live a long time.

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