7 Indoor Plants that Can be Grown in Jars or Bottles

7 Indoor Plants that Can be Grown in Jars or Bottles

Homiful.com -- You can't go wrong with houseplant that work well in jars or bottles for your favorite home plant project. This 7-item list of ornamental plants you can grow for room decoration is the best option for adding natural freshness.

Cactus species

Cacti grow quickly if they are neglected. Quickly fil your jars and bottles, this plant requires light but not irrigation. Allow the roots to grow before placing them around the windowsill.

Ficus lyrata

This tree plant is indigenous to West Africa. Can grow to be 12 -15 meters tall, because of its ease of growth, you can experiment with new spreads by water propagation and putting it in water and bottles. Place on a windowsill for direct sunlight and allow the roots to grow before transplanting into potting soil.


The succulent is the ideal plant for jar and bottle growers this time of year. It is ideal because it requires very little upkeep and supervision. You can put this plant in different jars by using different jars by using different types of succulents. Fill the bottom of this terrarium with gravel or stones.

Anthurium andreanum

This flowering ornamental plant will look lovely as a room decoration. Easily grow new roots in a bottle of water. For even and intense lighting, place it one windowsill.


It is very simple to grow monstera in water-filled bottles. Water propagation will result in a strong new plant growing from the cut stem. Place in jars and glass bottles in a well-lit area that receive direct sunlight.

The snake plant

A snake plant is a plant that grows well in bottle and jar water. Maintenance is simple and ideal for beginners. This tall plant with contrasting green and brilliant yellow leaves would be ideal for water propagation. Furthermore, the advantages of choosing this plant are undeniable because it acts as an air purifier in the room.

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