7 Houseplants that Can Help Your Breathe Easier

7 Houseplants that Can Help Your Breathe Easier

Homiful.com -- Clean air in the room must be cleansed of various pollutants emitted by certain home furnishings. such as furniture, upholstery, cleaning products, and even other chemical synthetics. This time, you can clean the air in the room with ornamental plants, which are known to naturally reduce chemicals, purify the air, and keep the room fresh.

The following review includes seven lists of these plants:


Gerbera Daisy


Daisy is the name of this lovely houseoplant on the windowsill. This lovely plant with colorful flowers can filter out benzene from fabric inks that require plenty of sunlight and well-drained soil. Grow more of it in different colors near the kitchen window.

Spider plant


The spider plant is an excellent plant for beginners. Hardy, tolerates neglect, and prefers bright average light. Furthemore, another advantage of having this plant is that is can reduce  chemicals that are thought to interfere with breathing.

Peace Lily


This lily plant is next on the NASA list of plants that can remove the most common formaldehydes, benzene and trichlorethylene. For flowering, this plant prefers shade and should be watered every few weeks.



Brightly colored flowers can be used as a room decorations that brightens the room in the blink of an eye. This plant can also combat benzene, which is commonly found in plastics, detergents, and paints in the room. This flower will bloom beautifully and will require bright light.



This lovely, vibrant flower can aid in the reduction of chemicals in your home. Azaleas are suitable plants for cold basements and require watering. This plant has flowers of various colors and sizes, making it ideal for room decorations. Keep pets away from it because the nectar and leaves are poisonous.

Snake plant


Is one of the most difficult ornamental plants to kill, and it  thrives in any environment. This snake plant can tolerate low light, clean the air of similar chemicals, and improve the freshness of the bathroom. Place it in the bedroom to increase oxygen levels and improve sleep quality.

Aloe Vera


For thousand of years, this type of succulent indoor ornamental plant has been known to produce gels for healing skin burns to facial cosmetic ingredients. This Aloe Vera can remove formaldehyde and benzene from the air and act as a natural chemical cleaner. This plant is simple to care for and can be placed on a table in the room. 

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