7 Gorgeous Ways to Decorate your Home with Hanging Plants

Homiful.com -- In addition to the right design, decoration is one of the components that need to be considered in order to give a beautiful eye-catching appearance. One of the most popular home decorations is plants. In addition to providing a beautiful appearance, plants can also create fresh air that provides comfort for the family. In order not to disturb the space you have, hanging plant arrangements are an option that you can apply to maximize decorations at home. Here is inspiration about 7 Gorgeous Ways to Decorate your Home with Hanging Plants.


Various Hanging Media


Hanging plants, of course, requires a strong medium so that it does not fall easily. In this hanging plant, wood is coated with knitting yarn to keep it, giving a sturdy impression that has a beautiful and attractive appearance. You can use different models to create unique variations that not many others have.

Hanging Plant with Moss Ball


Ferns are a type of plants that requires a cool and moist growing medium. The use of moss balls as a growing medium for this fern will be very appropriate because it has moss that is always moist. You can hang it indoors to keep it moist. Not only that, with the use of this plant decoration will give a beautiful and unique appearance.



Window Area with Sun Intake


Uniting houseplant decorations in one area can create a harmonious display that emits spotless air. One of the placements that you can use is a window area that can provide sunlight for the photosynthetic process of the plants you have so that they have a long life.



Wall Hanging Plant


The hanging plants that you have can also be a decoration right on the empty walls that you have. Use nails to attach the hanger, so it will give a simple and uncluttered look. Choose a pot that has a color that matches the wall so that it still gives an elegant impression and a unified illusion.


Choosing the Right Plant


Paying attention to the selection of plants is an important thing that you must consider before determining the hanging plant decorations that you will use at home. One of the plants that you can use as decoration is a spider plant, which will produce new plants by sticking down. This can give a floating appearance and give the room a unique look.



Wooden Twigs that Add a Natural Impression


Has a unique and natural appearance, the use of tree branches as a medium to hang these ornamental plants into a natural look in the house. Choose a variety of small plants so that the branches do not break easily.



Vines Suitable for Hanging


The last hanging plant that you can apply as a home decoration has a rattan wicker pot that remains integrated with the green plants you have. You need to pay attention to the selection of plants that you want to hang to maximize a beautiful display that distracts. Use plants that have hanging growths that resemble curtains and cover the pot, which can then give the impression of a plant that hangs independently without a pot.







This is the review of 7 Gorgeous Ways to Decorate your Home with Hanging Plants. From the design above, which is your favorite kitchen?

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