Comfortable House Design with Plants Ideas

 Homiful.comIn addition to good architecture and finishing, the right decoration is certainly very important for an impressive residential design. Especially with the presence of plants that decorate the house, it certainly gives a different atmosphere than no plants at all. For that, we will show you some examples of home designs with plant decorations for a comfortable and more attractive home atmosphere.

Decor your home with colorful plants

This first home featured a simple design yet exuded impressive comfort. Some rocks that adorn the finishing of the house and also the surrounding fence make the atmosphere feel closer to nature. Do not forget to give some ornamental plants and also plants that have good colors for a more lively and comfortable place to live.

Pretty house design with vines on the wall

In addition to potted plants or plants that grow above the ground, you can also decorate the house by placing vines. Make the vines have good grooves so that they can grow well and give a stunning appearance.

Perfect arrangement of plants on terrace and balcony

This two-story house which is dominated by a white and brick-red roof also looks chic and comfortable to live in. In order not to be too monotonous, you can place plants around this beautiful two-story minimalist house. Like putting potted plants around the terrace area and also on the balcony.

Feel relaxing with a large yard

This elegant but simple-looking house has a fairly large yard. You can take advantage of the yard to create a beautiful and refreshing garden. Grow grass in the yard area so that the atmosphere feels more natural. Don't forget to create pathways that decorate the home page for a more aesthetic design.

Matching design between plants and stone

Look at the design of this house that has dark shades. Although it looks dark, it does not make the atmosphere of the house look gloomy. The presence of openings and windows that are wide enough helps the house have good lighting. Moreover, the design of the rocks that adorn this 3-story house combined with some plants and grasses that grow around the house makes the atmosphere feel more calming.

That are Comfortable House Design with Plants Ideas you can inspire by this information. Have a nice day, everyone.

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