Minimalist Classic House Design Ideas - 2 Storey -- A house with a size of 7 x 9 meters can be categorized as a comfortable and ideal residence. Designing a house requires a lot of consideration in addition to the upward design, but also a sufficient budget to build a house to a new life after occupying the House. House 1 or 2 floors depending on the needs of the owner and family. If you want to build a 2-storey house, see the design of a 2-storey house measuring 7 x 19 meters complete space there is a swimming pool also below:

Facade Design 

With a size of 7 x 19 meters, this 2-storey house has an attractive facade. Complete elements such as House pillars, fences or additional exterior accents in the form of lights also dominate the look. Neat details are shown from the use of roster fences to permanent fences that will make the appearance of the house more classy and timeless.

Roof House Design

This 2-storey house uses a pyramid roof model combined in the front area with a glass roof on the balcony. Without using detailed accents, the roof of concrete or asphalt flat material you can make the choice because it is safe, strong and durable. For the back area is left open as a void area so as to make the dwelling more fresh.

Ground Floor Plan

The division of space in this house is quite regular, especially for the placement of bedrooms that are maximized on the 2nd floor, for the 1st floor only uses one master bedroom. Size details as follows:

- Garden size 4 x 2 meters

- Carport size 3.08 x 5 meters

- Terrace size 4 x 1 meter

- Living room size 3 x 4 meters 

- Master bedroom size 3.08 x 4 meters with bathroom in size 1.58 x 2 meters

- Family room size 4 x 4.5 meters

- Swimming pool size 3.01 x 5.5 meters

- Minimalist kitchen and dining room size 3 x 3 meters

- Bathroom size 2 x 1.5 meters

- Laundry room size 2 x 1.5 meters

Second Floor Plan

For the 2nd floor, this Home Design specializes for bedrooms, living rooms, balconies, gym areas, bathrooms and void areas. Details of the size of each space are as follows:

- Void Area size 2 x 4.5 meters

- Back balcony size 1 x 4.5 meters

- Bathroom size 3 x 2.5 meters

- Bedroom 1 Size 3 x 3 meters

- Family room size 3 x 4.5 meters

- Mosque size 2 x 2 meters

- Bedroom 2 Size 3 x 4.5 meters

- Gy room, size 3.08 x 3 meters

- Bedroom 3 size 4 x 4.5 meters

- Balcony size 3.08 x 5 meters

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