8 x 16 Meter Modern Two-Storey House Design

 Homiful.comThere are many inspirations about home design that you can find. And this certainly helps in designing the dream home that you have dreamed of. One of the popular home designs is a minimalist house.

The design of the house that is suitable for many generations is indeed very friendly and prioritizes comfort. For that, below the design of a two-story house that has an area of 8 x 16 meters, you can see.

Modern home design

This 8 x 16-meter modern house has a beautiful and minimalist fa├žade. With neutral colors, nuances make the impression of a clean house. The provision of secondary skin on the second floor makes the residence look beautiful and feel private.

Spacious side area

Leaving empty land, this house still has space for other uses. Such as side and backyard areas that can function as yards for example. You can grow grass as a base for this outdoor land. This will bring freshness to this two-story minimalist residence.

Perfect breezeblock and ventilation

The appearance of this area of the house from the side is quite simple but not too monotonous. The existence of ventilation and windows helps the house have space for air circulation and access to sunlight into the house.

For the carport area, the side area is designed by installing a brick roster. This material has a hole design that can help the carport not be too stuffy which will be fatal to the vehicle inside.

Back view

The back area of this house looks simple with a design that matches the side area of the house. The presence of windows and ventilation and equipped with cantilevers makes the design more vibrant. Don't forget to install lights so it's not too dark at night.

Roof design

For the roof design, this two-story house wears a combination type of roof. The dark color makes the house not monotonous because it looks matching with the design of the house that has a light color.

That are 8 x 16 Meter Modern Two-Storey House Design you can inspire by this information. Have a nice day, everyone.

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