Fabulous 3-Storey Classic House Design with Nice Curve

 Homiful.comAs the years go by, interest in classic-style home designs is increasing. One of the influencing factors is, that prospective residents will think this classic style will make their homes look luxurious and modern.

However, there is nothing wrong if you want to have a home design with a classic style. Here is one classic-style house design with interesting curves. And this might be an inspiration if you want to build a house. Let's take a look!

Front view of classic house

Seen from the front, the design of this classic-style house with three floors looks chic and charming. High pillars as a support make the house look stunning. The combination of a flat roof and pyramid gives an attractive appearance and does not seem monotonous.

Fresh with plants

The dominance of white that adorns this classic 3-story house makes the residence look clean. Combine this design with natural materials such as rocks that adorn the walls for example. In addition, the provision of plants around the house, balcony, and terrace also enlivens the atmosphere that feels refreshing.

Pretty curve makes it attractive

The curved design that adorns the side area of this house looks chic and stunning. With windows that decorate the curve or arch area, it can make the concept of the house look more alive and beautiful.

Shining the corner

Install lights in every corner of this luxurious and large classic house. Whether it's in front, back, side, or corner of the house. This is so that the house does not look gloomy when it gets dark. Like installing two-way lights in the corner for example. Or other types of lamps that are suitable and as needed.

Get slim with a vertical window

Providing openings or ventilation in the dwelling is very important. The provision of windows in every corner of this classic three-story house is also very necessary so that the interior of the house feels comfortable and not stuffy because of the lack of light from the outside and poor air circulation.

You can install a tall vertical window on one side of the house. This step will certainly give a slim accent to this classic three-story house.

That are Fabulous 3-Storey Classic House Design with Nice Curve you can inspire by this information. Have a nice day, everyone.

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