Elongated Two-Storey House Design Makes You Fall in With

 Homiful.comHaving your own home and minimalist design is certainly very fun and satisfying. Moreover, the modern concept offered will make the residence have a timeless design. Let's look at the review below about a two-story modern house with the earth tone concept.

Exterior design

The appearance of the fa├žade of this house is quite eye-catching. Natural color combinations such as white, brown, and gray give the impression of timelessness. The fence that has wood material and there is a garden beside it makes the atmosphere of the house look fresher. Not to forget the balcony area that has a touch of natural stone also strengthens the natural concept offered in this two-story modern house.

Elongated house design

Although the front view of this house looks petite, this two-story house is quite spacious with a design extending to the back. The flat side view of the house with several windows makes this house have enough ventilation openings.

Spacious ground floor

The interior design of this house applies colors in line with the exterior. To make the design of the house more matching and eye-catching. In addition, the ground floor of this house looks spacious with the concept without partitions. There is only a ladder as a barrier between the living room and the next room.

Living room

Maximizing the existing room, this living room is in a minimalist design with the right color and comfortable, some carpets decorate the living room and beautiful chandeliers. Do not forget to install additional lighting so that the living room is more stunning.

Kitchen area

The kitchen which is also one room with the dining room looks beautiful and not gloomy even though it is under the stairs. The white color that decorates the room and the hidden lamp in the corner of the room help the kitchen look more radiant.

Master bedroom

As the name suggests, the master bedroom has a size that is quite spacious than other bedrooms because this room is for the core residents of the house. This white and brown (mocha) color combination design makes the room design more elegant. Minimalist decoration and decoration that decorate the room make the master bedroom feel comfortable.

Bedroom 2

As for other rooms or children's rooms, you can design them according to their character or needs. A more cheerful atmosphere equipped with a study table makes children more productive and comfortable to create.

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