3 Floors Modern Classic House Design with 5 Bedrooms

3 Floors Modern Classic House Design with 5 Bedrooms 

Homiful.com -- Modern classic house designs will always be in demand due to their gorgeous and luxurious beauty. This 3 Floors Modern Classic House Design with 5 Bedrooms is for those who want a luxury house design that is both timeless and visually appealing! Let's look at all of the details of this precious home below!

Exterior Design

Exterior Design

Luxury look will always catch the eye of those who view it. No matter how old the classic house style remains in high demand. Like this mansion, which seems stunning with three floors. From a distance, you can sense the tempting exclusivity! 

This house also has a large carport. The modern carport style, with a flat roof, appears solid and stylish. This carport can hold up to two big cars. You can also notice that this house has a neat, clean and calm garden, which is, of course, really charming!

Classic Details

Classic Details

The details of a classic modern house are very detailed! As you can see from the side of this house, the bold lines, accented with luxurious natural stone ornaments, make it even more expensive! Neatly arranged wall lights attach will enhance the exterior look.

Big Windows 

Big Windows Design

If you pay attention, this house uses a lot of tall and large window models. With a minimalist yet cool grid model. There are also tall sliding glass doors, with a matching look with the window next to it. Resulting in a beautiful and elegant modern look!

Swimming Pool and Patio

Pool and Patio

It would be incomplete if a luxury property did not include a swimming pool. This swimming pool appears stylish; on the side, there is an artificial fountain with an eye-catching swan statue. In the corner, there is a small patio where you may create a cozy relaxing space.

Living Room

Living Room

This house's interior is just as amazing as its seems! The design is inviting and visually appealing at first look. The room is airy and pleasant, with wide glass windows on the sides. The interior design is elegant, with earthy hue tones that are typically cool.

House features:

- Land Size 16.7 m x 25 m

- Building Area 813.97 sqm

- 5 Bedrooms

- 6 Bathroom 

- 3 Powder Room/Guest Toilet 

- 2 Maid Room 

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Author        : Rieka

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