7 Beautiful Vertical Garden With Hanging Plants Ideas

7 Beautiful Vertical Garden With Hanging Plants Ideas 

Homiful.com -- Vertical gardening is one idea that plant lovers can use to save valuable floor space by getting their plants up and off the ground. This small garden concept is not only practical, but can also add visual value to your environment. With these hanging plant ideas, level up your space with ease!

Hanging Pots on Branches


A unique idea is to add a tree branch to the corner of your room. Available in various sizes on the market, you can choose a tree with slightly larger branches. Use these branches as a place to hang your favorite potted plants. 

Use String and Macrame


Macrame is widely used as a beautiful room decoration. This unique and vintage design can be combined into a hanger for your favorite ornamental plants. Pair it with colorful pots to make it even more cute!

Use Kokedama


Kokedama is the Japanese art of hanging plants. With moss covered soil and a round shape for you to grow plants. Get a unique and striking natural look for each part of your room with this idea!

Look Unique With Wood Logs


The following idea can be the right choice for those of you who want a strong natural impression for the room. Use sturdy wooden beams as shelves or hangers for your plant pots. To make it more eccentric, you can pair it with these glossy silver pots!

Choose Vines to Create an Effect


In addition to small plants placed in hanging pots, such as succulents, cacti, and other lush plants, you can also choose vines. String of pearls, for example, will grow beautifully with its small round shape that will look like a dangling curtain.

Gets Natural in Modern Design


Hanging plant pots do have many variants that you can adjust to the concept of your room. The following pot looks modern and elegant with its unique geometric shape. The glossy finish with black and gold colors makes a luxurious look.

Hang on the Window Side for Visuals


Usually the window side is mostly quiet and empty. Well you can place hanging plants to decorate the following empty sides. A terracotta pot matched with greenery will make your room come alive. Use rope and macrame as a hanger for a more beautiful look!

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