Modern House Design | 15x30 M Lot 4-Bedroom House with Pool & Estimated Cost

 Homiful.comThis 2-storey modern house design with a lot area of 450 sqm and a total floor area of 285 sqm has complete facilities. Consisting of 4 bedrooms and also a swimming pool, this 15 x 30-meter house is a residence with guaranteed comfort and is suitable for resting after a busy day. Let's take a look at the review below for details.

Exterior design

Minimalist exterior design with several natural elements provides a fresh and soothing residential accent. Supported by the use of a flat roof, making the house look timeless and futuristic. The installation of appropriate lighting also supports the beauty of the exterior design of this 2-story house.

Courtyard area

Once entering the gate, you will be presented with a fairly spacious courtyard. With a carport design under the balcony, you will find a small garden in another corner. This empty yard uses paving to maintain cleanliness and tidiness. To note, from the carport area, you can access the backyard where the relaxing area and swimming pool are located.


The balcony in front of this house has a fairly limited size. With a transparent glass barrier, it can certainly help give the effect of an airy and spacious balcony. You can put minimalist furniture with the appropriate size and also decoration by placing some ornaments and ornamental plants around the balcony.

Pool and backyard

As you can see, in the backyard area there is an outdoor kitchen and also a swimming pool. Not to forget the relaxing area with a lounger and some plants around it makes the backyard look more comfortable and relaxed. This pool letter L design follows the size of the existing backyard, thus making the backyard area design more compact and functional.

First-floor plan

As you can see in the picture above, the floor plan on the first floor has 2 building charts. Namely the main building and the additional building behind the house. Separated by a swimming pool and relaxing area, the house looks neat, comfortable, and organized.

Second-floor plan

As for the floor, it is used as a privacy area for residents of the house. Such as a family room, open balcony, and bedrooms.

Estimated Cost

And for the estimated cost of this 15 x 30 meter modern house is around 8M - 8.6M PHP or 145,000 USD - 155,000 USD.

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Author    : Yuniar

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