Simple Ways to Make Your Window Looks Shady with Trailing Plants --Transparent windows, of course, will allow sunlight to enter freely. This sometimes makes some people annoyed and want a more shady area. This can be realized by using plants on the windows to help shade the room and the sunlight is not too distracting. For some ideas you'll love, check out Simple Ways to Make Your Window Looks Shady with Trailing Plants, just for you.

Refreshing plants


Houses with modern styles do use a lot of glass to make the room brighter and wider. However, sometimes the large glass can provide distracting light. You can use hanging plants for curtains that make the room feel more shady to block the incoming sunlight.

Use shelf for plants


Apart from using hanging plants to create shade, you can also arrange your plants on a window shelf, as if you were selling beautiful plants. You can use shady plants for a shady room. But if you still want a bright atmosphere, use small plants that are neatly arranged.

Indoor garden idea


This corner of the window will instantly provide freshness with some well-arranged plants. You can use various types of hanging plants that gather and seem to work together to provide shade so that you stay comfortable at home.


Trailing plants for curtain


String plant is also a popular one to use as a shade window curtain. It would be very beautiful to have it in a long size and seems to play a good role as a window curtain that is full of freshness.

Use standing rack for hanging plants


In addition to hanging it on the ceiling, you can also present a standing rack for hanging plants and several plant container boxes. In addition to providing shade, placing plants on the windowsill can also meet the light needs of plants.

Vines on the wall


In addition to hanging and placing on a shelf in the window, you can also place plants with vines. Let the plants grow naturally and combine with the lights that follow. You will get peace from this window view.

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