Top Plants that Grow Best in South-Facing Windows

Top Plants that Grow Best in South-Facing Windows -- East-facing windows offer morning sun, while west-facing windows provide afternoon sun, regardless of where you live. Having a south-facing window is a true blessing that provides several benefits, including excellent exposure for plants. 

A south-facing window is typically the brightest window in a home, bringing direct sunshine into the room for the most of the day. Your sun-loving houseplants will be happy in it.

Aloevera Plant


South-facing windowsills are good for Aloes since they create the strongest, healthiest plants. If Aloe plants do not receive enough light, they may continue to develop, but growth will be weak, and your plant may even tip over instead of stay firm and straight. Give them a few hours of direct sunlight. Allow them to completely dry before giving them a good watering.

Areca Palm


The Areca palm is a popular indoor plant that adds a tropical feel to any room. Give your Areca palm enough light in your southern-facing window. All palms require good drainage and dislike sitting in wet; nevertheless, don't allow your soil dry up entirely or your leaf tips will burn and the tops of your fronds will become brown.



Crotons are incredibly lovely with their dazzling leaf hues, but if not given enough light, the colors will fade. Crotons are also susceptible to spider mites, so keep a watch on them and treat as needed.

Alocasia Polly


Alocasia Polly is a gorgeous houseplant native to South Asian tropical climates.  Alocasia Polly is a low-maintenance, easy-growing plant with the right conditions and little help. It grows in settings with lots of filtered or dappled light, wet soil, high humidity, and warm temperatures.

Pineapple Plants

Pineapple plants are definitely the most delicious members of the bromeliad plant family. Did you know you can grow a pineapple from the top of a grocery shop pineapple? They require a lot of sun to fruit, and you'll need a lot of area. And watch out for the foliage. It is rigid and spiky, so tread carefully! 



Snake plants are one of the most popular indoor plants, therefore it's not surprising to see them on our list. However, many snake plants are abused and neglected, and they never achieve their full potential due to a lack of natural light. A highly sunny window indoors would be very helpful for the fastest growth and sturdiest snake plant.

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