7 Unique Ideas for a Hanging Garden

 Homiful.com - Many plant lovers wanna maximize the space in their houses but they also wanna create beautiful and fresh gardens. So, you can get some efficient choices by hanging a garden for it. Showing plants off the ground not just filling a space. It will also make the dwelling or corner area more dynamic with freshness in it. Just style up your plant off the ground with some ideas below.

Take a unique hanging planter


Hanging the plants is the easiest way to save space in the garden or house area. Choose a plant that grows dangling beautifully, like a Pothos. Then, pick a stunning and unique planter for hanging planters. It will increase your appearance by hanging plants indoors.

Perfect wall planter


Do you look at some empty walls around your house? Then, utilize it for hanging beautiful plants.  Grow plant on coir medium and in wall planter. Wall planters can also be used to grow colorful Coleus.

Efficient hanging propagation area


Design a lab in your house with a hanging garden. Place a variety of cutting and water propagation in an empty vertical space. A hanging propagation area will make the dwelling look artistic and scientific at the same time. This way also allows you to observe how the plant grows.

Hanging Kokedama


Kokedama is a Japanese moss ball. This unique planter is perfect for growing plants and making them beautiful the plant while displaying them. Try hanging the Kokedama with a white hanger or other that makes a match. A combination of green leaves in a ball looks attractive hanging on a white hanging rope.

Hanging terrariums


Terrariums with glass containers usually contain plants or succulents. It makes the look like a miniature of a garden. The style of terrariums that features an elegant and fresh garden makes a pretty option.

Beautiful living curtains


Many varieties of string plants or succulents to make your house beautiful. Moreover, you can use them to improve the house with styling in curtain accents. String plants that can grow dangling and lush can be a barrier to sunlight indoors. The living curtain will give a maximum tropical vibe in the corner of the house as your plant's base camp.

Mounted plants


Create a beautiful hanging garden or vertical garden by utilizing plants that can grow attached directly to the wall of the house. Climbing fig plants or various Pothos can live mounted on the walls, with large, this will give a pleasant tropical vibe.

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