6 Popular Houseplants That Will be Trending Everywhere

 Homiful.com - Houseplant and indoor gardening are more popular than ever. So, it's no surprise to see houseplants continuing to surge in popularity. All we know is that houseplants bring many benefits to around. 

From how they can improve air quality and circulation, to how they can support better wellbeing and mental health. Below are the houseplants that will be trendy everywhere you go.



First, you can use Snake plants or Sansevieria for popular houseplants to grow at your home and be one of your collectibles. This houseplant is a part of easy houseplant to grow and low maintenance. So, it's perfect for beginners.

Spider plants


Next, there are Spider plants a low maintenance and one of the most adaptable houseplants. They are easy to propagate too. Spider plants are ideal as they will put up with quite a lot of neglect. They are also tolerant of most situations in the house so can be placed in a shady spot.

Peace lily


Elegant looks and has brilliant white flowers, and glossy leaves, and is acceptable in dark places, Peace Lily is perfect for your houseplant collection. They are also popular houseplants everywhere. Peace Lily is easy to grow for every kind of plant parent.



Monstera is a beautiful large plant that perfect to grow at home and choose it for your garden collection. Otherway, the elegant looks make Monstera have many lovers. They can grow small and tall as you wish and need. You can place Monstera around your bedroom, living room, or other place to make interest and depth.

Tall houseplant


In 2023, many people search for tall houseplants for their indoor design and decoration. Tall houseplants bring a wonderful housewarming gift to instantly add the wow factor to a living room or bedroom. Even in smaller homes, large and tall houseplants can work well.

Grow your own


Growing your own plants and garden is also one of the things that is becoming popular everywhere. You can grow herbs, succulents, ornamental plants, and flowers with designs and arrangements that you like. Place your garden in a good spot such as near a window, empty space, or other areas which of course will also make the residence more attractive.

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