Six Tips Care for a Snake Plant to Grow Well --   Sansevieria or snake plant is a plant that is widely used as an ornamental plant. This plant, is known to have easy care and adaptation. However, that doesn't mean you don't need to take care of it for a long life. For more complete care, see the following review on Six Tips Care for a Snake Plant to Grow Well.



 When caring for this snake plant, the thing you need to pay attention to is the light intake. You can choose direct or indirect light. But if you put it indoors, indirect light is still favored by this one plant. But don't overdo it when drying it, it can damage it.




Although it does not require a lot of water, this sansevieria plant still requires proper watering. Do not water this plant too often, you can water it 2 times a week. Make sure you don't water it too frequently, so it doesn't rot.

The place / pots


Choosing a planting medium for snake plants also needs special attention so as not to damage the roots. Select a planting medium that has good drainage. You can use Kokedama with a nutritious soil composition and with the addition of coir that does not leave a lot of water in it.



Along with the growth of the snake plant which is getting taller and bigger, repotting is an activity that you must do so that your snake plant has free and maximum growth with a pot that adjusts to the size. Repotting this plant can be done when the size increases, the leaves change, the roots come out of the pot, and the planting media starts to become unhealthy.




Care that is no less important for this snake plant is to choose an area with proper ventilation. Place this plant in a room that has free air so that it still has maximum oxygen intake and is able to provide freshness to the room. Avoid a room that is too humid, and the air temperature is low because it will make the plant rot easily.

Pest Spray


The step that you cannot forget when caring for plants is spraying pests so as not to interfere with their growth, because at certain times, these plants can be attacked by mealybugs or mites. Spraying pests on this plant can give it a healthy and fresh look.

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