7 Most Popular Sedums for Houseplants

7 Most Popular Sedums for Houseplants 

Homiful.com -- Stonecrops are succulent plants that are easy to cultivate and have gorgeous colors, such as sedum. Summer and fall plants, succulents bloom from summer to early October. Sedum comes in a variety of sizes and colors, making it ideal for any garden or indoor space. Here are some pictures of sedums that may be grown for their beauty.

October Daphne Stonecrop


October Daphne Stonecrop features blue-green foliage with dark pink edges. Make sure it receives ample of sunlight for healthy growth and blooms. Sedum sieboldii, often known as October Daphne, has stunning hues and magnificent blossoms. Excellent for both house landscaping and ground cover.

Sedum Palmerim


Succulent subshrub with a rosette of fleshy light green leaves and flexible stem tip. This plant may reach a height of around 25 cm and a spread of 50 cm. It will become scarlet in the winter or thrive in a bright light.

Sedum Rubrotinctum Variegata


Also known as pink jelly beans, this succulent variety comes in lots of hues. Usually a white type that becomes pink and grows slowly in tiny pots. From summer until autumn, this plant can bloom.

Broadleaf Stonecrop


Sedum spathulifolium is another name for Broadleaf Stonecrop. It is another popular houseplant with yellow blossoms and silvery leaves that would look stunning in your indoor garden.

Sedum Clavatum


The next plant is a sedum clavatum with round bluish green leaves and a lovely rosettes form. This plant works well as a ground cover or as a corner filler in a hanging basket. Can reach a height of around 15 cm and a width of 20 cm, but cannot withstand cold temperatures.

Sedum Burrito


The most well-known and frequently picked sedum for home garden decorating is the sedum morganianum burrito, which belongs to the trailing succulent family and is ideal for hanging baskets. This succulent is also known as a grape cactus and prefers full to partial light. Leaf cuttings are an easy way to propagate this plant.

Sedum Lucidum


Sedum lucidum is a succulent that has a fleshy, red-eyed, sparkling green rosette that lights in the dark. Grow to a height about 20 cm, with green stems that become reddish-gray as they mature. It blooms in the winter with tiny white flowers with golden centers.

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