Top 8 Indoor Plants That Kill Airborne's Bacteria And Viruses

Top 8 Indoor Plants That Kill Bacteria And Viruses -- Some experts believe that selecting the correct air purifying plants for your home will help cleanse the air in your living spaces, which means that your houseplants will not only look nice but will also work harder to clean the air you breathe in. 

According to NASA's Clean Air Study, there are a range of air purifying plants that may cleanse your home from airborne pollutants, dust, and germs present in a variety of household items, materials, and furnishings.

Snake Plant


This is a must-have among the various indoor plants to grow. Aside from its eye-catching look and easy to care for, the snake plant has extra benefits. This includes being effective against allergies, eliminating air pollutants, and absorbing C02 at night. Ideal for your living space.

Spider Plant


The robust spider plant is a perfect pick for folks who are new to plants. It will fight pollutants like carbon monoxide and xylene, a solvent used in the printing and rubber industries, quietly. If you have pets, this is one of the few houseplants that are safe for them.

Bamboo Palm


The bamboo palm adds much-needed moisture to the indoor area. This palm is also one of the best plants for removing benzene, trichloroethylene, and formaldehyde. They are extremely robust, stylish, and air-purifying, making them ideal for apartment dwellers.


In a NASA clean air research, Pothos got top ratings for removing benzene, formaldehyde, toluene, carbon monoxide, and xylene from the air. These vining tropicals withstand low light, however it may cause their leaves to turn solid green.

Rubber Plant


It was bred for robustness and can withstand low light and chilly temperatures, making it a perfect house plant. This plant is easy to grow and effective in removing chemical pollutants from the indoor environment, notably formaldehyde.

Chinese Evergreen


The Chinese evergreen is a low-maintenance plant that grows well in low to medium light. It usually grows to be one or two feet tall. Though it helps to maintain good air quality in the house, it is important to know that the Chinese evergreen contains a substance that can be toxic to pets.

Peace Lily


Peace lilies are known for their ability to fight toxic gases such as formaldehyde and carbon monoxide, and they even show signs of drooping when they need to be watered. They can be quite toxic to pets and people, so wash your hands after handling the plant.

Boston Fern


The Boston Fern, with its mass of rich green leaves, is believed to be one of the greatest air-purifying houseplants. This evergreen plant not only removes toxic chemicals in your house, but it also increases humidity by naturally restoring moisture to the air.

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