7 Easiest Houseplants to Keep Alive

7 Easiest Houseplants to Keep Alive

Homiful.com -- Having an easy plants may be one of your bucket list. For those of you who want to find indoor plants that are easy to maintain and have an attractive look and do not die easily, you should read the article below which lists 7 Easiest Houseplants to Keep Alive.

1. Aloevera

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The first recommendation is Aloevera. Plants that we often encounter in various places. Many people choose this plant to plant because it is easy to maintain and does not die easily. If one of its leaves breaks, a new one will grow in. it's so easy to grow and propagate.

2. ZZ Plants

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This plant is widely maintained and placed indoors to make the interior more attractive and beautiful. Growing this plant is very easy and does not require complicated maintenance. You can also place this plant in area that has minimal light, and does not need frequent watering.

3. Pothos
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Next up is pothos. This plant requires bright light or indirect light. Easy maintenance with watering that can be adjusted make you easier to take care of. If you see any stems starting to turn yellow, you can cut them off so they don't spread to the rest of the plant.

4. Snake plant

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Snake plants have become very common and are often found in various places. The shape that can grow long, makes people like it. Suitable for you to make decoration at home and office, just water it once a week ant it can grow tall. Apart from functioning as an ornamental plant, Snake plant has extraordinary benefits which are able to suck up various kinds of air pollution.

5. Money Tree

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As the name suggests, Money Tree, this plant is considered to bring blessings and a symbol of good luck. For those of you who have pets, this plant is suitable for you to pet because this plant is pet-friendly and requires indirect sunlight and is better placed in a small pot.

6. Dragon Tree

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Dragon tree is one of the plants that is widely used as an ornamental plant to further beautify the yard and interior of the house. Besides having an attractive appearance, dragon tree also has various benefits. This plant can be used to cure headaches and eye pain. This plant is very effective in air purification.

7. Prayer plants


The last is the prayer plant. This plants will move their leaves at night and lower them during the day according to the circadian rhythm. This leaf change occurs due to changes in water pressure along the petiole following the movement of the sun to maximize light absorption. This movement is thought to be like the movement of prayer. Prayer plants only need a small amount of light to thrive. Therefore, it is widely used as an ornamental plant indoors.

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