Surprising Cool Facts About Snake Plants You Need To Know - Snake plant or Sansevieria is a popular tropical houseplant known for its versatility. Sometimes this houseplant is called a 'bedroom plant', and these funky succulents don't just add interest to your home, they can provide healthy benefits and more. Here are some cool facts about snake plants you must know before you grow and collect them.

Many names and quirky


Besides the scientific name, the Snake plant has many names. Bedroom is the nickname of this houseplant, and they are also known as Mother-In-Law's Tongue, Devil's Tongue, Bowstring Hemp, and various Good Luck or Lucky Plants.

Snake plant is not a cactus


Snake plants belong to the succulent family, and they are not a cactus. Many people tend to confuse it with a cactus due to its appearance. Snake plants have thick and fleshy leaves which make them resemble cacti. But in fact, the Snake plant has the same structure as aloe vera, jade plant, and agave plants.

Helpful to purify the air


According to NASA, Snake plants potentially provide air-purifying effects in the home. Not only remove some pollutants, but the Snake plant also can boost levels of oxygen in your space overnight.

One of the super low-maintenance plant


As we know, the Snake plant is a low-maintenance plant and perfect for beginners. Like other succulents, the Snake Plant grows best in cactus soil, can tolerate a little neglect, and likes its soil to dry out completely between waterings.

Good feng shui but not for pets


Snake plants are often used for Feng Shui at home or office. You can keep it healthy and happy by giving it plenty of light and watching for droopy leaves. The plants will be sending good vibes your way for as long as you want.

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