How To Get Pothos with Bigger Leaves Easily (Indoor Guide)


How To Get Pothos with Bigger Leaves Easily (Indoor Guide) -- Pothos is a popular houseplant with waxy green leaves that grows on a long vine. These huge leaves provide natural beauty to your room while also filtering the air. Best of all, pothos plants are hard to kill. Surprisingly, you can grow pothos with larger leaves indoor! Just follow the guidelines below.

Choose the Correct Variety


The first step to growing larger leaves is choosing the right type. Some plants produce bigger leaves than others. Take a peek at the potential leaf size of several popular pothos varieties:

- Hawaiian Pothos: 6-24 inches

- Golden Pothos: 6-24 inches

- Marble Queen Pothos: 5-15 inches

- Manjula Pothos: 6-12 inches

- Neon Pothos: 6-12 inches

- Baltic Blue Pothos: 6-12 inches

- Moonlight Pothos: 5-10 inches

- Silvery Anne: 4-10 inches

- Global Green Pothos: 4-8 inches

Stake the Plant


This is the key to growing larger pothos leaves. Pothos is a vine plant, which means it will grow best if it can climb, so give them a stake, moss pole, houseplant trellis, or other support systems while growing indoors. 

Although these trailing vines looks good in hanging baskets, they are not the best way to get huge leaves. When the vine begins to droop toward the ground, the foliage on that area of the plant will be less than that on the stake. Instead, the aerial roots will try to grip something.

Fertilize As Needed


Pothos, like any other houseplant, will only have access to the nutrients in its pot. Because plants require nutrients to thrive, you will need fertilizer to replace nutrients on a regular basis. It's easy to believe that more plant nutrients will result in more leaf growth. 

However, overfertilizing your pothos will stunt growth and limit your plant's ability to produce huge leaves. Feed pothos plants every two weeks from spring to fall. Reduce fertilizing to once a month throughout the winter. If the tips of your pothos' leaves become dark, you should reduce fertilizer. This browning is a sign of overfertilization.

Prune & Maintain


Pruning boosts thicker, bushier leaf growth. If you don't prune the vine, the stems will trail and grow smaller leaves at more sparser intervals. Pothos plants tolerate intensive pruning at any time of year. Also, the cuttings may be easily propagated by placing them in a jar of water. 

Locate the nodes to prune the plant. These will appear as small nubs on the vine. Cut above the node to start fresh growth from there.

Give Appropriate Light


The exact light needs will differ depending on the pothos type. In general, consider a location that receives 3-5 hours of bright indirect sunlight every day. When it comes to varied light levels, the pothos plant is quite adaptive. 

However, if you want it to grow large-sized leaves, you'll need more than just the bare minimum. Put your pothos in an east-facing window. As a result, the plant will get direct sunlight in the morning and indirect light the rest of the day. 

If you find leaf burn, move the pothos to windows facing west or south. Grouping multiple plants together will assist to replicate the dappled light they experience as it's in nature.

Create a Tropical Setting


Pothos grows in tropical areas. Pothos grown indoors will never have leaves as big as those grown outside. But imitating tropical growing conditions helps with large leaf growth. 

It is simple to adjust the temperature. Make plant-specific humidity changes. For example, mist the plant several times each day with room temperature water. A houseplant humidifier or a humidity tray can also be used. 

Re-pot the Pothos


To boost growth, shortly after purchase, move the pothos into a larger pot. Use a pot that is two inches larger than the previous one and has a depth of roughly ten inches. However, first ensure that it has not gotten potbound. The plant's capacity to develop bigger leaves and vigorous new growth will be limited by this setting. To prevent root rot, make sure the pot drains well.

Water Appropriately


Watering requirements vary based plant type and daily sunshine exposure. However, pothos prefers moist but not soggy soil. Allow the pothos to dry out between waterings for bright, glossy leaves. (This will take between one and two weeks.) Then, water the plant with a watering can until water begins to run through the drainage holes. The quality of the water will affect pothos growth as well. Water pothos with filtered, distilled, or rainfall. 

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