8 Dieffenbachia Types that Looks Pretty Houseplants

Homiful.com --   When you are looking for beautiful ornamental plants and need low maintenance, this type of dieffenbachia plant you can choose. Dieffenbachia is a knows as stupid cut plant that is very easy to grow and suitable for interior or exterior in the home or office. You can have this plant in a different kind. 

This old favorite indoor plant has a lush blue--green, chartreuse-gold leaf color with yellow, white or cream spots. If you want to add it in a larger collection, read about the type of dieffenbachia in the article below:

Dieffenbachia Seguine


Dieffenbachia Seguine is an ornamental plant that has stick-like stems with curved leaves of up to 12 inches. Plants that have stems such as sugarcane and large leaves grow optimally so that it will produce striking white flowers, somewhat like peace lilies.

Dieffenbachia Green Magic

This very complex ornamental plant has a lush cast green leaf color and is very contrast with creamy white lines along its stunning center. This plant is a plant that is poisonous when dark but is one of the air purifier plants that are able to drain toxins from the surrounding environment. 

Plants that are very easy to plant for beginners lovers of ornamental plants, you can be repotting every year or so when the roots start peeking through the drainage holes of nursery pots.

Dieffenbachia Tropic snow

This variety of Dieffenbachia tropic snow is one of the most common types of Dieffenbachia. Having ovate leaves with white or yellow spots, this plant is very interesting to place in the interior of your bedroom. The wide size of the leaves forms a pointed leaf at the end of the combination of white in the middle and green on the edges of the leaves.

Dieffenbachia Camouflage 

The next type of different variety is Dieffenbachia Camouflage. This plant has attractive light green leaves with spots as well as cream veins that make it look striking and prominent. Plants that like sunlight can also be placed in shady areas.


Dieffenbachia  Reflector

This stunning cultivar Dieffenbachia reflector has a large, striking foliage with a bold green pattern, with shades of green forming a mosaic-like pattern on the leaves and an interspersed hose with pure white spots, thus creating beautiful camouflage.

This plant is very popular, which is very suitable for planting indoors or under glass in temperate climates, The flower is rarely seen in cultivation, but when the growing conditions are good, the resulting bloom is typical of the Araceae family, which is covered in fleshy, white-green spathe structures.

Dieffenbachia Amoena

Dieffenbachia plants that are cultivated because they are decoratively so interesting, you can see on the surface of the leaves with a dark green color has a creamy yellow line along the blood vessels. 

The shape of the leaves is wide and oblong is very beautiful because of the color of the leaves that are very focal point. This irregular white color becomes one of the characteristics of Dieffenbachia Amoena.

Dieffenbachia Camilla

Dieffenbachia type Camilla is a beautiful planting with wide leaves green color with a center of lime color and dark green edges. These leaves will become more solid green when light conditions are very low. 

This plant thrives in full to partial colors in well-hardened soil. Keep taking care and keep this plant until fertile, flush regularly and do not let the tanner come that will make it appear withered.

Dieffenbachia Big ben 

This ornamental plant has a very simple shape. Straight shaped leaves steal the attention with an attractive leaf color. The leaves of this plant have other colors in the form of light green and yellowish green. Plant with short stems, leaf sings look shiny with leaf bones that are not too clear. 

Because it has a beautiful shape with a size that is not too large, this plant is very suitable to be used as an indoor plant. You can put this plant in the house as part of the decoration, with the nature of the plant that does not exchange direct sunlight.

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