Fun Fact About Monstera deliciosa You Must Know!

 Homiful.comHaving many species of approximately 49, Monstera is a popular ornamental plant native to the Tropical Regions of the Americas. They can grow large or small as desired. Here are some facts about Monstera Deliciosa that you need to know. Let's take a look!

Can grow 20 metres in height and 90 cm long of leaves


When grown in nature, Monstera deliciosa can grow to 20 meters or 66 feet tall. And for the leaves can grow very large from 25 to 90 cm long and 15 to 75 cm wide. But, if they grow indoors, they will grow only 2 to 3 meters.

They have aerial roots


Monstera has aerial roots that can act as hooks for climbing branches and rocks. Nevertheless, the roots of these plants also grow into the soil to help support the plant.

Monstera aerial roots do not damage the surfaces they stick to. This is certainly different from ivy plants where the roots are tough to remove and can worsen the surface to which they are attached.

Can behave like air plants


Monstera deliciosa lives as an epiphyte-like air plant. This is because its roots grow by descending downwards towards the ground and upwards climbing trees.

Despite this, Monstera and Air Plant are not harmful or parasitic because they do not absorb nutrients from their hosts.

At first, Monstera grows on the ground like other ornamental plants. However, when they find a tree trunk, they will begin to behave epiphytically by climbing the tree to get more sun.

The holes of Monstera have more than one function


Monstera is very distinctive with its leaves that have holes. The leaves on the Monstera deliciosa have a leathery, dark green, and very large appearance.

The holes present in Monstera leaves allow them to spread the leaves over a larger area to increase sun exposure. This will make Monstera use less energy to produce and maintain its leaves.

In addition, hollow leaves can also minimize the possibility of torn leaves in strong winds and ais to withstand heavy rains.

Monstera have medicinal and craft uses


In some countries, monstera is very useful in the field of health. Like Monstera fruit can be consumed and useful as a natural laxative.

While the root can be put in an infusion to reduce rheumatic pain. In addition, they can also relieve symptoms of fever, cough, infection, and snake bites.

In the field of crafts, monstera roots can be used to weave into rope, furniture, and baskets.

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