Can Your Jade Plant Flowers? Here's How to Get It to Bloom

Can Your Jade Plant Flowers? Here's How to Get It to Bloom -- The jade plant (Crassula ovata) is a popular succulent houseplant with fleshy green leaves sprouting from woody branches and robust stems. As long as it is not exposed to cold temperatures, this tropical succulent grows slowly and is easy to care for. But did you know this plant can bloom? Here are some easy ways to get your jade plant to bloom!

Can Jade Plants Really Bloom?


In their original habitat, South Africa, jade plants bloom often, yet they rarely blossom when kept as an indoor houseplant. A jade plant will bloom yearly in the northern hemisphere during the winter months, between December and February. Jade plants can produce tiny, star-shaped white or delicate pink blooms, in the right conditions.

Blooms When Mature


Younger jade plants, in general, are less likely to blossom. Flowers can only be produced by jade plants that are at least three to four years old. So, if your jade plant is still young and little, allow it some time to grow before urging it to bloom.

Right Humidity


The jade plant is native to South Africa, where the climate is hot and dry during the day and chilly at night. Indoor settings are often too humid for the plant to bloom, but there are methods for checking humidity levels in your house to identify which room or location has the lowest levels for your picky jade plant.

Water Required


Reduce the amount of water you give your jade plant if you want it to bloom. You should always allow your jade plant dry out between waterings, but especially while you try to push it to bloom. So pay attention when watering it.



Jade plants require a lot of light to grow and produce flowers. Move your jade plant to a south-facing, dry place where it will receive eight to twelve hours of strong, direct sunshine.



Keep your jade plant in a setting that is about 60 degrees Fahrenheit during the fall to get it to bloom. Avoid exposing it to temperatures below 50 degrees Fahrenheit, since this might kill it before it can blossom. If you give your jade plant the right conditions, including low nighttime temperatures, it should be covered in blossoms.

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