Best 5 Houseplants for Winter That You Can Grow in December - December is the month when winter reigns. In this season, many plants are in dormant condition, which will affect the design and decoration of the house due to the lack of greenery that adorns the room. However, you can grow or care for plants that will stay fresh all year round even in winter and fall. Here are some plants that you can try to decorate your home when winter comes. 

Succulent and cacti


Succulents and cacti are popular plants that can live in a variety of conditions. In addition to low maintenance, succulents and cacti are drought-resistant and easy to adapt to all kinds of environments. You can choose several varieties of succulents and cacti that you think are good for decorating your home.



Cyclamen is an ornamental plant that has beautiful flowers when it blooms. They look stunning in a group and can beautify the surrounding environment. Cyclamen has several shades of color on its flowers, namely red, pink, and white. They can thrive in cooler temperatures and you can place cyclamen pots near a drafty window or entryway to add a nice burst of color to your space. Cyclamen require indirect sunlight and well-drained soil.



Native to South America, Tradescantia can also be known by the name Wandering Dude. Because they can grow quickly. This plant is suitable for wintering. The classic retro appearance with leaves that have several color stripes makes it look beautiful and suitable for enhancing the d├ęcor of the room.



One of the popular ornamental plants, Monstera is also known as the Swiss Cheese plant. Having wide leaves and several holes is a characteristic and characteristic of this Monstera plant. The green color can certainly make a cold room fresher and have natural accents in winter.



Is a plant that has strong enough endurance, Pothos can grow and develop even when winter. In addition, they are also low maintenance. This plant can grow vines so many design this plant as a natural curtain at home. Pothos doesn't mind in the face of cold winds when placed on window sills or lower light levels during shorter days of the season.

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