9 Master Guides to Turning Your Leggy Pothos Plant More Bushier

9 Master Guides to Turning Your Leggy Pothos Plant More Bushier 

Homiful.com -- Pothos (Epipremnum aureum) is a popular tropical vine that may be found everywhere. Pothos is a houseplant with pointy, heart-shaped green leaves that can be variegated with white, yellow, or pale green striations depending on the variety. 

Although this plant is easy to maintain and propagate, sometimes we may encounter problems such as leggy, lack of lushness. Here are the steps you can take to turn your pothos plant into a bushier one!

Regular Prunning


Pothos grows quickly, therefore it's a good idea to give it a nice little trim once every 4-6 weeks to maintain it in form. Remove dead and damaged leaves on a regular basis. In addition, cutting back the tendrils will assist the plant concentrate on growing bushier.

Use Correct Methods When Prunning


Don't prune the plant randomly. It is important to cut the stems just below the node since this will fool the plant into sprouting two or more stems, making it bushier and fuller. You may use the leftover stems from the pruning process to grow new plants!

Give It an Extra Nutrition


When you start pruning the plant at regular intervals, it will require more energy to grow new leaves and stems. Feeding it once every 2-3 weeks with a balanced liquid fertilizer reduced to half its strength will keep it fuller and bushier!

Use a Pole for Support


Using a pole to support and assist the plant in climbing will keep the leaves properly exposed to air and sunlight, helping the plant to grow fuller and bushier. Use a moss pole, trellis, bamboo cane, or anything similar to offer enough help for the pothos to climb and grow fuller.

Re-Pot When Needed


Crowded roots cannot absorb nutrients and water, causing the plant to grow leggier. If you observe roots poking out of the drainage hole or dirt, it's time to re-pot the plant into a 1-2 size larger container. Remove damaged and rotting roots while re-potting. Also, use new potting soil.

Do Not Overcrowd


People would often plant many cuttings in the same pot to make the plant look fuller. This causes plant competition for nutrients, resulting in leggier and slower growth. Plant no more than two cuttings in a pot that's 10-12 inches deep and broad. If you follow the steps listed above, the plant will grow to be as full as you like!

Light Setting


Pothos doesn't mind being in the shade, but it doesn't mean it grows best in it. Exposing the plant to plenty of direct and indirect light will make it look fuller than before! Keep it in an east-facing spot where it will get some direct mild morning sun and bright but indirect light for the rest of the day.

- North or east-facing windows work best for variegated pothos.

- Choose a south or west facing position for solid green pothos variant.



Watering the plant everyday is the most effective way to kill it, but not watering it at all will also result in its doom. So, what is the best method? Simple. 

When the soil seems dry to the touch, water it well. Wait for the top layer to dry before adding water until it begins to drain from the container hole at the bottom. This method keeps the plant healthy and bushy while protecting it from root rot.



The secret to maintaining pothos bushier is to keep it in a consistent temperature range. The optimal temperature range is 65-85 F (18-30 C), where the plant is comfortable and concentrates on greater growth. Keep it away from air conditioning and heating vents.

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