6 Houseplants Have Some Powerful To Boost Your Mental Health

 Homiful.com - Gardening or caring for plants at home does help to relieve stress and make the mood calmer. And there have been many studies and research saying that gardening can also help mental health. Therefore, below are some plants believed to help you improve your mood and mental health. Let's look and consider which plants are suitable for you.

Aloe vera


Having many benefits and widely used in the field of health and beauty, Aloe Vera also turns out to be good for mental health. They can also help to purify the surrounding air. You can put this plant around your dwelling on a table, shelf, or the floor.

Snake plants (Sansevieria)


Very good for Feng Shui, the Snake Plant is widely used as decoration and many other things. They provide a strong protector in your space. Snake plants are adaptable plants because they can also withstand drought. However, you can pay attention so they can grow neatly and beautifully.

Japanese anemones


Look at how amazing these Japanese anemones are. They are often found in forest areas or under trees. One of the annual plants has quite beautiful flowers and a pure white crown color, giving a stunning and clean look. This plant will bloom from August to October.

English ivy


English Ivy remains green all year round, one of the most popular and much-loved houseplants. They can thrive in cold situations as well as low light. NASA also includes English Ivy as a top 10 air purifying plant. Placing ivy indoors can help you relax and reduce coughing, especially for people suffering from asthma, bronchitis, and COPD.

Peace lily


Peace Lily is also a popular ornamental plant that is much loved. In addition to helping purify the air, they are also quite good for Feng Shui in the home and office. Its green leaves give it a fresh accent. In addition, white blooming flowers make accents soothing and relaxing. 

They can increase the flow of energy in the home because they neutralize harmful indoor chemicals. Peace Lily can help people develop mentally, physically, and spiritually as almost many experience insomnia and sleep deprivation.

Jade plant


Jade plant can also help the home environment be comfortable and happy. They can improve air quality and filter out toxic pollutants. Jade plant can absorb CO2 at night and can maintain moisture so that it can make skin more beautiful and youthful.

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