Simple But Stunning. 6 Backyard Ideas Fit Every Kind of Space - The backyard is one of the versatile areas in residence. For this reason, many people want backyards in their homes. Backyards can be used to build relaxing areas, gardens, kitchens, patios, etc. Below are some ideas about backyards that you can replicate at home.

Fresh with a mini garden in the backyard


Wearing backyards for the garden is commonplace and quite in demand. You can create a minimalist garden according to the size of the backyard. Or you can create a garden by placing potted plants and hanging potted plants on walls or fences. This will certainly be more efficient and save space.

Stunning round pool on the corner backyard


Creating a swimming pool in the backyard area will provide a fresh and soothing accent spot. A design of light color shades between dark colors in the backyard, makes the design look slick. You can go ahead and design a round swimming pool in the corner area of the backyard if possible.

Get relaxed in the pergola


Building a pergola is a pretty good thing and a wonderful idea. There are many types of pergolas that you can use for backyards. Please look for it in various sources. And don't forget to adjust it to the size and design of your backyard to have a slick and eye-catching finish.

Covered patio in the backyard area


A covered patio is pretty good in addition to building pergolas. By simply placing a seating set, you can add a large umbrella to shade and protect you from the scorching sun. If you want a more lively and crowded impression, you can design this patio area with a pattern. 

It doesn't need a lot of patterns because it will give an accent that is too crowded and messy. Enough in just a few parts, for example, patterns on carpets or plant pots.

Gorgeous small backyard with an artistic pathway


If your backyard is small, no need to worry. In addition to growing grass, you can design the soil or floor in the backyard by creating a pathway. Do not the usual design, because it will be boring. 

As in the picture above, the pathway in the backyard has grass and small flowers in between. This will certainly beautify the appearance of the backyard and provide a beautiful accent spot.

Useful as a laundry spot


Designing a backyard along with a laundry room is a very functional thing. This is suitable for those of you who have a small house and limited land. You can install a transparent roof in this backyard area. Then grow grass in the backyard area so that the beautiful atmosphere is felt and can provide comfort.

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