How Much and When You Should Water Peace Lily Plant

How Much and When You Should Water Peace Lily Plant -- Peace lily (Spathiphyllum) have a reputation for being an easy-to-grow tropical plant that can tolerate low light levels. Even the most sturdy houseplants may be picky about their care. Knowing how frequently to water a peace lily can help you keep this lovely flowering plant happy, whether it's in a pot or in your garden.

Time For Watering


Rather of watering plants on frequently, check the soil wetness of your peace lily on regularly. You can water again once the soil has slightly dried up. When the soil top appears lighter in color, the pot feels lighter when lifted, and the top inch or two of soil has dried up, it's time to water. 

Your plant will require more regular watering in the spring and summer, when the days are longer and the weather is warmer, than it will in the winter.

Peace Lily Water Schedule: Indoors and Outdoors


The season isn't the only aspect that affects your plant. Potted plants kept indoors, container plants moved outside for the summer, will all require different amounts of water. Because indoor plants receive less light, they will likely require less frequent watering than outdoors plants, even those planted or kept in shadowy areas. 

Outdoor peace lilies in pots will dry up faster than those planted in the ground since the volume of soil around them is much lower. Other factors such as how much light it receives, the temperature and humidity, and the type of soil you use, may affect how frequently you must water your peace lily.

Underwatered Sign


Underwatering can also cause the old leaves of your peace lily to yellow and finally become brown and dry. Check the soil moisture once again. If you haven't been watering your peace lily on time, or didn't water deeply enough, moisten the root ball after letting the plant to dry out; your plant's soil may be dry even if you've recently watered. Wilting or drooping leaves are frequent indicators that your peace lily needs to be watered.

Overwatered Sign


Yellowing leaves are one of the most typical signs that your peace lily is overwatered. Check the soil wetness if the leaves on your peace lily are turning yellow. Soggy or wet soil, especially several days after watering, may signal that your plant gets too much water, which can lead to root rot. 

Allow the plant to dry fully before watering again, and then adjust the watering schedule for your peace lily based on soil moisture. In severe cases, you may need to repot the plant in new soil, removing any mushy, black, or rotting roots along the way. 

It's important to note that the presence of a single yellow leaf on a healthy plant is totally natural and not cause for concern. Simply trim off the affected leaf at the base of the plant with clean, sharp scissors or shears.

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