The Fact of Calathea That You Must To Know

 Homiful.comMany types of plants are used as home decorations and public areas. Besides being able to beautify the appearance, plants can also help improve the aesthetics of the surrounding room. One of them is Calathea, which is a popular plant that is widely encountered. Some facts you need to know about the beauty Calathea in the review below.

What is Calathea?


Part belonging to the family Marantaceae, Calathea is a plant that is native to tropical areas, like Africa. It has pretty vibrant foliage and leaves, bringing stunning the room with Calathea in it. For information, Calathea can grow and survive in low light conditions. It is such a plus value for home and office decoration.

Calathea like sun or shade area?


Due to growth in tropical rainforests, Calathea can grow and do well in medium, indirect sunlight. But they also can tolerate lower light. Avoid fading Calathea from direct sunlight. It will scorch their stunning and beautiful leaves.

How does Calathea reach its full growth?


In fact, Calathea usually grows about 2 feet in height and then stops. But, it depends on the types or species of Calathea that you have. Like a lot of low-light plants, Calathea tends to grow fairly slowly. Calathea is considered to grow at a moderately fast rate, but they will not grow and spread out over their pots and become a problem.

Symbolize of Calathea plant


In some cultures, Calathea symbolizes positive energy and good luck. But in general, Calathea mostly symbolizes of new beginning and is particularly gifted when offering thanks or gratitude. It causes the new beginning to come from the Calathea 'turn over a new leaf' when it gets dark.

Are Calatheas good for indoor?


Calathea is a plant that prefers indirect lighting. And it means, Calathea is good for indoors. And Calathea is a plant that is easy to care for and also increases the room with its exotic leaf.

Benefit of calathea


Besides liven up the room with its colorful and vibrant foliage Calathea can bring joyful vibes to your home and office.  And another benefit of Calathea is, that they can purify the air by filtering pollutants and other poisonous.

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