7 Indoor Plants safe for Cats and Dogs

7 Indoor Plants safe for Cats and Dogs

Homiful.com -- Having animals may be a consideration for those of you who want to have plants in the house. But, don't worry, there are several types of plants that are safe for your pets. So check out 7 Indoor Plants safe for Cats and Dogs.

 1. Areca Palm

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These plants can grow up to 6 meters tall, although they are usually only 3 meters tall in yards. Also known as the butterfly palm. Sometimes palm fronds can trigger a cat's biting and nipping instincts, so it's nice to know that palms are not toxic to cats or dogs.

2. Orchid
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Many orchids bloom for weeks in winter when the days are short and thrive in partial light and root-bound conditions. This type of plant is perfect for pet cats and dogs.

3. Bromeliad


Growing bromeliads as houseplants is easy and brings interesting texture and color to the interior garden. Their broad leaves are sword-shaped or spoon-like and grow around a "cup" in the center. This cup captures water in the plant's habitat.

4. Polka Dot Plan


The polka dot plant (Hypoestes phyllostachya) is a delicate tropical foliage plant, once degraded into a novelty houseplant. Although not toxic to cats and dogs, sensitive pets may experience mild indigestion if consuming large quantities of polka dot plants or other non-toxic plants.

5. Gloxinia

If you are looking for an ornamental blooming plant that is safe for dogs and cats, gloxinia is an ideal choice. Its thick, rippled leaves and single or double blooms (usually seen in white, red, pink, lavender, purple, or blue) are non-toxic to dogs and cats.

6. Banana Tree


Next up is the Banana Tree. Although we often encounter this plant outdoors, it turns out that you can grow this plant inside the house with its natural habitat to thrive. In particular, you should provide the banana tree with fertile soil, bright light, and regular watering. 

7. Chinese Money Plant

The Sill
The last recommendation is the Chinese Money Plant. How to care for money plant As it grows, it will produce tall trunks and branches, so we need to use small stakes to secure it or let it grow horizontally, like a snake. Then if it grows too tall, we can cut off the tip of the growth, leaving a few cm of stem and roots as new cuttings.


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