5 Cute Monsteras with Smaller Leaves

5 Cute Monsteras with Smaller Leaves 

Homiful.com -- Do you know there are Monsteras with Small Leaves? When we think of monstera, we think of huge leaves, but these are adorable exceptions! These small-leaved monsteras are ideal for interior sets when space limits but you still want to cherish the exotic beauty of this lush plant!

Monstera Adansonii


Smaller and with more prominent fenestrations than the typical Monstera Deliciosa. The leaves are brilliant green and oval in form, with many Swiss cheese-like fenestrations. The leaves are usually spread out on long vines, giving the plant a rich and lush look.

Monstera Obliqua


Known for its very fenestrated leaves, which may appear more like a lattice than a whole leaf. They have a delicate, clear look and are paper-thin. Smaller than the popular Monstera Deliciosa, with more holes than leaves.

Monstera Standleyana


These elongated leaves are dark green with lighter green streaks and have a few holes or fenestrations. They are normally 4 to 6 inches long, but can grow bigger with proper care.

Monstera Dubia


Dark green leaves with lighter green veining lay flat on the surface it climbs over. As the plant ages, the leaves develop a shingling habit and fenestrations. The leaves are often smaller, particularly when young.

Monstera Peru


This variety's leaves can be as short as 2-3 inches in length. Its dark green, glossy leaves are strongly ribbed with ridges, giving it a unique, slightly reptilian look. They have a more oval shape than other Monstera types.

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