Simple Ways to Make Your Water Propagation Succesfully -- -- Compared to buying new plants, there is a cheaper way to have a larger number of plants by propagation. Propagation is one of the most widely used methods when you want to have more with less. One of the most popular is aquatic plant propagation. It's not difficult, but you still have to pay attention to a few things to be successful. Check Simple Ways to Make Your Water Propagation Succesfully.



Take the cutting


Before you start cutting the stem of the plant you want to propagate, choose a healthy plant and identify where you want to cut. It will be easier if you use a mature vine that has a root knot for vines. When cutting, use clean and sharp scissors to avoid infecting the plant.

Clean the stem


After cutting about 6 inches from the stem, first clear the bottom 4 inches of the stem of leaves so that they can grow roots more optimally and undisturbed. Because if not cleared from the stem, the leaves will rot and interfere with the root growth of this propagation.

Prepare the vase


After cutting and cleaning the leaves, prepare a clean container that is suitable for the plant you want to propagate. Test tubes, glasses, jars, and special vases are some of the options you can choose from. Make sure the cuttings are not fully submerged.


Change the water


Use clean water to start the propagation of your plants in order to get dense new roots. You need to change the water at least once every three to five days with clean room temperature water. For the location, you can place them in a warm area that is not exposed to direct sunlight. Place them in a room that still has enough light.


Transplant to pots


New roots will probably appear in a few weeks, at least 4 - 6 at the earliest, so don't worry if you don't have many roots yet. Once you have strong roots, you can start transplanting into pots. Transplant carefully and choose soil that has a quality mix. For a few days, keep it in the same conditions for the plant to adapt to its new pot.




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