7 Best Philodendron Plants That are So Exotic

7 Best Philodendron Plants That are So Exotic

Homiful.com -- Philodendron is a type of houseplant that is quite popular and very easy to grow. Its distinctive feature is a shiny heart-shaped green leaf. One of the things that makes Philodendrons so specials, its because of the veins on the leaves. This plant adds a touch of green to the house. Philodendron is not complicated to maintain. This plant is classified as a type of planted anywhere. In the garden as well as on the room, as an indoor plant. 

If you're fond of Philodendrons, there's a lot of philodendron varieties that will amaze you. But, here we only present you 7 best Philodendrons plants that are so exotic!



1. Philodendron Melanochrysum


The Philodendron Melanochrysum a.k.a the Black Gold Philodendron is a favorite for those of collectors who loves dark-leaved plants. The leaves of this plant grow vertically on the stem with an upright and sturdy stalk. The length of this plant can reach four to five feet. When it  is still a young plant, it has a deep red tinge that looks like it is shaded with brown color. As the plant get older, the leaves will turn red brown until they turn dark green when they grow up. It needs a bit more care than typical Philodendron and won't grow well on soggy soil.


2. Philodendron 'Pink Princess'



The Pink Princess (Philodendron erubescens) is a slow grower than most Philodendrons, but it will give you a loveable heart-leaved that looks so stunning. Philodendron Pink Princess is a plant that has a beautiful blend of colors. The dark green leaves and bright pink color makes this plant very special. The redness of the leaves is caused by a lack of chlorophyll, a chemical that makes the leaves of plants green. Philodendron Pink Princess can grow in pots or hanging baskets, as it includes vines.


3. Philodendron Micans



This type of philodendron can grow vines or be allowed to grow tall in a medium stick. This type of philodendron has smaller leaves with a leaf color that is almost similar to Melanochrysum. Philodendron Micans turns out to have quite a lot of tolerance to shady conditions or lack of light and sunlight. Watering can be done once to twice a week when the planting medium is dry.


4. Philodendron Birkin



No wonder why Philodendron Birkin become the most popular Philodendron. The shiny green leaves with white stripes on the surface make this plants look so magnificent. Taking care of Philodendron Birkin is not difficult, but you have to provide a lot of moisture in the air, as well as a well hydrated soil. This plant can grow at a temperature of 15-20 degrees Celsius. Therefore, The Birkin is recommended to be placed away from direct sunlight. In addition, in order to grow, this plant must be given fertilizer once a month. Philodendron Birkin can live in damp, but not wet soil. Keeping the plant well hydrated and ensuring maximum drainage is a condition of taking care of the Birkin.


5. Philodendron Verrucosum



At first glance, the specialty of Philodendron Verrucosum is in the color of the leaves and their shape. The gradation of green color between the veins of the leaves makes it look so beautiful. It is quite important to understand how to treat this right for Philo Verru. The leaves easily turn crispy and brown if the watering settings are incorrect. Use the right planting medium and make sure to place the plants in a cool area.


6. Philodendron Brasil



Philodendron Brazil  has shiny heart-shaped green leaves. Among the green leaves there is a yellow color of leaves that offers a pleasant touch on this type of philodendron. As a resilient plant with strong growth, it is the perfect choice for novice plant owners. It doesn't matter if you sometimes forget to water it or if it doesn't receive bright light, as it is an adaptable plant that will tolerate a variety of conditions.


7. Philodendron Lemonlime



An easy to grow houseplant, Lemon lime Philodendron brings trailing foliage in shades of green and bright yellow. This plant is adaptable to almost all environtmental conditions. Enough sunlight can make this plant thrive by dangling or vine. To get enough sunlight, you can put it in a bright location but not exposed to direct sunlight.



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