Enchanting 6 Black Petunia Varieties

Enchanting 6 Black Petunia Varieties 

Homiful.com -- These one-of-a-kind blooms defy the normal pastel tones associated with petunias, instead giving a deep, black hue that stands out against any garden backdrop. Black Petunia Varieties are ideal for those who want a mysterious look in their gardens and homes!

Black Ray 


'Black Ray' petunias have an unique black and dark purple color. The deep violet tone of the petals creates an attractive feeling. This special cultivar is prized for its velvet-like flowers, which lend both a unique floral texture and a dark accent that matches almost any hue.



Phantom Petunias bright yellow star design stands out against the dark background. This cultivar offers a splash of color to any flower arrangement. Excellent energy quickly fills baskets and containers, with continuous flowering throughout the season.

Crazytunia Black Mamba


'Crazytunia Black Mamba' is a robust, delicate, mound-forming to semi-trailing perennial that is typically grown in containers or as a bedding annual. The blooms on this one are almost black. The depth of this dark hue contrasts strongly with the bright-colored petunias, making it a standout in any flower arrangement!

Black Magic


It has enormous blossoms that are a full charcoal-black hue. The color is nearly coal-like, giving this plant a bizarre feature. Blooms are sturdy, non-striping, and have outstanding floral shape, as well as a controlled, mounded, trailing habit.

Black Velvet


This one holds the distinction of being the world's only black petunia. Unlike other types, where the black may have purple or blue undertones, this one is completely black. 'Black Velvet' is an upright, mound-forming annual with sticky, hairy, mid-green leaves and black, velvety blooms that bloom from late spring till frost.



With its dark purple flowers displaying a cream white star style, this unique petunia provides an elegant and refined touch to mixed pots. Pinstripe may be grown, sold, and displayed with Black Velvet and Phantom since they have the same plant habit and are easy to care for.

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