7 Best Indoor Plants That Anyone Can Grow

7 Best Indoor Plants That Anyone Can Grow

Homiful.com -- For those of you who want to find indoor plants that are easy to maintain and have an attractive look, you should read the article below which lists the 7 Best Indoor Plants That Anyone Can Grow.

 1. Watermelon Peperomia

The Little Botanical

Peperomia watermelon is a tropical plant that can adapt very well if placed indoors with easy maintenance. Place peperomia watermelon ornamental plants in a place with low to medium sunlight intensity.

2. Asparagus Fern

Real Simple
This plant is widely cared for and placed indoors to make the interior more attractive and look beautiful. Asparagus is a perennial plant that is always green with upright and long branches. It is very easy and does not require complicated maintenance. The only thing to note is that this ornamental plant has thorns on its stem.

3. Sweetheart plant

The Sill
Sweetheart plant is a stunning and low-maintenance indoor plant. Relatively low light tolerance, but not colorful. Sweetheart plant is relatively drought-resistant and can survive with only one or two watering per month.

4. String of Pearls

Backyard Boss

Strings of pearls likes dry soil with high porosity. It likes abundant indirect light, as in its native habitat it grows under trees. Place the plant in a sunny corner for 4-6 hours a day

5. Olive Tree
Plant Resort
Not only suitable for the Mediterranean, the olive tree is actually a great ornamental plant. It likes warmer, sunnier climates (but not too much direct sunlight or it will burn) and ample moisture. Prune it seasonally to keep it looking fresh, and you'll enjoy it for years to come.

6. Corkscrew Rush


With a leafless stem that looks like a corkscrew, this unusual houseplant likes moist soil and indirect light. It can even thrive in low-light environments with the occasional use of grow lights to aid photosynthesis. 

7. Snake Plant

Gardener's Path

The last one is a plant that we often encounter, the Snake plant. This plant requires a well-drained pot, which is highly adaptable to various light conditions in the house, including low-light areas. water this plant about once a week.

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