7 Proven ZZ Plant Benefits You Can Easily Sack

7 Proven ZZ Plant Benefits You Can Easily Sack 

Homiful.com -- The ZZ plant is a tropical perennial native from eastern Africa. It gets its name from its scientific name, Zamioculcas zamiifolia, and it's also known as Zansibar gem or aroid palm. The ZZ plant is a popular houseplant that has waxy, oval-shaped dark green leaves. Because of their rhizomes, which not only generate roots and shoots but also store water and essential nutrients, ZZ plants are specially drought-tolerant.

Low Maintenance Plant


These tropical plants are sturdy and allow owners to chill out because they are not susceptible to pests and diseases and suffer from only a few horticultural issues. The ZZ plant, as the top of indoor plants, is easy to grow and care. This plant is also very easy to propagate!

Air Purifying Benefits


Because it reduces toxic air, Zamioculcas is one of the most effective pollution cleaners for your house. The roots of the ZZ plant absorb Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) from new carpets, wallpapers, or electric devices (refrigerators) and reduce pollutants in the air. This helps to uplift a small space (room) where airflow is limited. 

Traditional Medicinal Uses


ZZ plants have been used as traditional medicine in several places of the world, especially Tanzania and Malawi. Since the roots are high in phytochemical compounds with medicinal benefits such as antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and antiviral capabilities, 

Tanzanians have been using them to treat ulcers for generations. According to a study published in Pubmed, the ZZ plant serves as an antioxidant and has antibacterial abilities.

Resists Pests


As the ZZ plant lacks sap in its stems and leaves for pests to feed on, it is less likely to be attacked by pests. Some pests, such as flies and aphids, do move around the plant, but a severe infection has little chance. 

Neem oil and insecticidal soap are the most basic solutions for any issue. Choosing the ZZ plant for your home or business will never bother you or bring you problems with pesky bugs.

Boosts Your Interior Design 


The ZZ plant can reflect light on its leaves thanks to its glossy, dark green leaves and zig-zag tall, thin branches. A stylish basket with the plant, whether in a basic nook or a dreary white room, may make a statement with the deep green tone of the waxy leaves. 

Ideal for study tables or guestroom tables, adding a nice mood to your space. Indeed, the ZZ plant's low-light need makes it ideal for an interior setting. 

Reduces Stress


The ZZ plant, like other plants, offers refresh and relief. When placed on your work desk, this plant brings escape and freshness between the hectic work schedule. Seeing the plant around you may also provide a sense of calm and inspire creativity. As your stress level decreases, your productivity rises, allowing you to perform better and improve your mental health.

Spiritual Benefits 


According to Feng shui, "the ZZ plant, or fortune tree, emits luck and increases wealth." The ZZ plant emits positive energy in the home and removes negativity from its surroundings. The Southern or Eastern sides of the home are ideal for the ZZ plant to harmonize with your body and provide you good luck.

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