How To Grow And Care For ZZ Plants Indoors - ZZ plant or Zanzibar gem is one of the popular houseplants that is mostly used for decoration. And also this houseplant is easy to maintain and will be perfect for beginners or busy people. ZZ plants can placed in all rooms in the office house or the outdoors and can withstand drought and neglect for a long time.

ZZ plant information


The appeal foliage of the ZZ plant is oval-shaped towering upwards and shiny. The plant is sometimes interpreted because it's often considered an artificial plant. Ideally, ZZ plants grow up to inches per year. When the ZZ plant reaches 5 feet of height, good light conditions will make growth slow down.

How to care for a healthy and sparkling ZZ plant


You need time and simple tips to take care of the ZZ plants. Pruning is very necessary to make the plants from itself. But, you don't have to cut it too often. Pick the leaves that have dried, and prune massively in spring and summer. Although pruning is useful for encouraging new growth.


ZZ plants provide bright indirect light. They are great indoor plants because tolerate low-light conditions. But, they will grow faster in bright indirect light. 


If you wanna watering ZZ plants, wait and let the soil dry out between waterings. They are drought tolerant. You only water them once every couple of weeks. Overwatering is more of a problem than underwatering.



As we know, ZZ plants grow much more slowly than wild plants, depending on plant size and good root density, you can do this every 2 to 3 years to encourage fresh nutrition and new plant growth. ZZ plant can report when they actually damage, the pot of the plant is not broken. No need to rush to reporting, do reporting every 2 to years or so.

How to spread the plants


This is quite simple if you wanna spread Zanzibar gem. Use a rhizome root system that is easily divided into new plants. Choose a rod to multiply, use sharp scissors, then cut the stem from the base of its growth.

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