Plant Ideas : How To Grow and Care Coleus

 Homiful.comOriginating from the tropics, the Lamiaceae family still includes Coleus or miana. Often Coleus is used as an ornamental plant to beautify gardens, houses, and large expanses of yards. Below are some ways to plant and care for Coleus.



Coleus can do their best in partial to full shade of the sun. But many newer ones can tolerate in full sun. If you want the optimum color of Coleus, place them in areas that receive morning sun and afternoon shade.



Prefer rich soil with good drainage, Coleus can grow healthy and pretty. And the fact, that clay or poorly draining soil can lead to root rot.



For watering, you can do it when the topsoil of Coleus feels dry when you touch it. Coleus can grow well when their soil is evenly moist. And you must prepare more water during prolonged heat. But be careful, overwatering Coleus can make root rot.



Here is the information about feeding Coleus. If you have rich soil on Coleus, maybe you don't need feed for them. But, if your Coleus has poor soil, you can add some balanced slow-release fertilizer to the bed.

Temperature and humidity


This houseplant can thrive in hot and humid conditions. But, in temperate climates, Coleus will be killed with the barest hint of frost. Keep away these plants from the air conditioner. But, if the environment is dry climates, these plants will like some humidity from a humidifier or bathroom area. Get the temperature to 70 F degrees or warmer.

Pests and diseases


You can protect Coleus from groundhogs and young rabbits because they like Coleus plants. And also get attention from mealybugs, aphids, spider mites, whiteflies, and slugs. Actually, Coleus is not usually bothered by diseases unless the weather turns cool and damp.  

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