7 Colorful Plants to Lighten Up Your Garden

7 Colorful Plants to Lighten Up Your Garden

Homiful.com -- For those of you who want to start flower gardening and are confused about what flowers you can plant to make your garden colorful, here are 7 flower recommendations. So, check out 7 Colorful Plants to Lighten Up Your Garden.

 1. Blanket Flower

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The first flower recommendation is blanket flower. This flower has striking red, yellow and orange colors, perfect for you to plant in your garden. Also, don't forget to keep it well drained to keep it growing well.

2. Hibiscus

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The second is the Hibiscus flower. This flower can create summer color in your flower garden. This flower must be planted under a temperature of 50 degrees Fahrenheit. In addition, the soil must also be well-drained.

3. Strawflower


Next is Strawflower. Maybe at first glance this flower is similar to Daisy flowers because of its color. This plant also has moderate maintenance like other flowers.

4. Lantana


This lantana flower is suitable for you to plant in your garden, apart from its color, this flower also blooms durable and fast. This flower can also grow up to 2 meters. Bees are also attracted to this type of flower.

5. Baloon Flower


Next there is the beautiful Baloon flower with a purple color. This flower needs a lot of sun to grow well. You dont need to worry about fertilizing, one way to keep them looking great is dead heading.

6. Clematis

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Clematis has the same color as Baloon flower. This plant can be grown in pots or in plants. clematis likes moisture, but should not be allowed to soak.

7. Sunflower


The last recommendation is Sunflower. As we already know, this flower has a very beautiful appearance and looks like the sun. They flower in summertime and drop their seeds for the next season.

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