Get Good Fortune With These 7 Feng Shui Houseplant - PART 2

Get Good Fortune With These 7 Feng Shui Houseplant - PART 2 -- In the previous part 1, we have known some good plants in feng shui for your home. This time we have prepared 7 other good plants, to bring good luck to your home. Find the perfect plant for you, from the following list!

Chinese Money Plant


The round leaves of this feng shui plant look like coins, pancakes, and UFOs, thus its other common names (pancake plant and UFO plant). It's also very easy to propagate since it produces little pups that can be taken from the mother plant and given as a gift to your friends. It's a lucky plant, so by passing it on, you'll be spreading prosperity and good fortune. 

Bird of Paradise


This beauty's lush leaves make it an ideal feng shui plant. Plus, when it blooms, its flowers give a touch of elegance to any setting. This tall plant will grow if placed in a nook near a bright window. 

String of Hearts


This charming trailing plant has delicate heart-shaped leaves that are generally pink in color. Allow the vines to dangle to the floor by hanging it high on a shelf. Will tolerate some shade but likes bright, indirect light.

Peace Lily


People look like adore the peace lily, which can reward you with lovely white blossoms if taken care of properly. The white round flowers are said to bring good fortune, while the dark green leaves are said to attract money. Keep an eye out for drooping leaves, which indicate that it is thirsty.

Peacock Plant


Any type of Calathea appears to have painted leaves, but the peacock plant has its look down pat. It is a wonderful choice for a feng shui plant because of its delicate, broad round leaves. The leaves may curl inwards in the nights, displaying a purple underside, and then open in the morning sun. 

Money Tree


Money trees are said to bring good luck and wealth. Furthermore, the plant's attractively braided trunk makes it a stunning display piece. While the plant grows slowly, it is rather easy to care for.

Rubber Plant


The large oval leaves of a rubber plant, whether regular or variegated, help increase the flow of positive energy in the space around you. They are lovely plants, with leaves that get larger and larger as the plant grows happy. 

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