Top 7 Feng Shui Plants for Your House

Top 7 Feng Shui Plants for Your House -- Houseplants may be beneficial to your personal energy, according to feng shui principles. There are not always good or bad feng shui plants. After all, seeing the relationship between dualities is the key to feng shui. However, certain plants are more widely advised for feng shui applications, as are plants that might be challenging to use to attract positive energy. 

Boston Fern


As long as you have enough light, Boston ferns are easy to care for inside. Petite sizes are ideal for hanging and small places. 

Jade Plant


The jade, sometimes known as the money plant, is a succulent with several rounded leaves. This gives a velvety, luxuriant aspect to the plant.

Areca Palm


The areca palm has gorgeous, fan-like leaves and may grow larger than many other houseplants. It requires bright, indirect lighting.

Golden Pothos

The golden pothos is easy to grow and propagate. It has trailing vines with heart-shaped leaves that grow lushly. Its vines may grow to be up to 10 feet long.

Anthurium Clarinervium


Anthurium clarinervium's big velvety, nearly heart-shaped leaves make this lush green guy an easy option for a feng shui plant. As a weight to balance, place this on a shelf with sharp corners.

Snake Plant


Snake plant is an excellent choice for beginners. Although it appears sharp, it also holds a protecting energy quality. Within the Dracaena genus, there are many different varieties of snake plants, ranging from those with tall and narrow leaves to those with short and broad leaves.

Lucky Bamboo


Bamboo symbolizes growth and flexibility. The number of stalks has a significant importance in feng shui. For example, two stalks are believed to nourish aspects of your life linked with love, while three stalks are intended to nourish sections of your life associated with happiness.

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