7 Terrace Garden Designs in Low-Budget

 Homiful.comDecorating the patio with plants is certainly a good thing and is very good for a refreshing environment. No need for a lot of costs and complicated designs to decorate the terrace with a garden, just do a few simple things, will be able to improve the aesthetics of the terrace in your home. Check out the review below to make you more inspired.

Mini garden in the cast box planter


Creating a patio garden in a box planter can help you have a neat and comfortable terrace. This is certainly very useful for those of you who have limited land, especially in the terrace area of the house. Make the plants neatly arranged so that they grow neatly and can give a good appearance.

Get a rack for a tidy terrace garden


Adding shelves on your patio as a place for plants is certainly a good thing. Besides being able to make the garden on the terrace neater, this can also help you group the types of plants and their care. Use shelves that match the terrace and garden you create for maximum results.

Use clay pot to make a stunning gray terrace


Not always a terrace with a gray color. You can place clay pots as a plant medium on any type of terrace. Putting clay pots on the terrace can help make the atmosphere of the environment around the terrace feel more fresh and soothing. And can also increase the attractiveness of your terrace garden.

Tropical vibes in the terrace garden


Vibe Tropical can certainly make anyone feel relaxed. Terrace garden design by placing some tropical plants and also adding some typical tropical elements such as coral rock, wood elements, and so on. This will make you feel vacationing in the tropics without having to go far there.

Various plants for live terrace garden


Not only similar plants, but you can also place several plants of various species for a beautiful and pleasant terrace garden. Or place some colorful plants and flowers for a more lively and beautiful terrace.

Hang the plants in the small terrace garden


Hanging plants is one of the strategies for a small terrace or lack of land to place plants. You can hang the plant on the wall or edge of the ceiling or roof. Choose plants that grow vines so that they can form natural curtains on your patio for beautiful and stunning results.

The simple design of terrace garden


Arranging the garden on the terrace neatly and according to the group will certainly make the terrace look beautiful and neat. You can group plants based on size, short height, type, and care. This will make it easier for you to care for the terrace garden in your home.

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