Beautify Your Terrace with These 7 Flower Rack Designs

 Homiful.comThe use of shelves is very beneficial for everyday life. You can use the shelf as a storage area in the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, or in the garden area. The existence of shelves can also help for a cleaner and neater occupancy or room. Below are some examples of shelves that can be applied to gardens and other rooms. Let's take a look!

Charming love rack


Shelves with the shape of love certainly make it a pleasant attraction in your residence and garden. Make this love-shaped shelf as a plant rack and arrange the plants neatly. Whether it's put on an existing place or hang the plant according to your preference.

Get elegant with a gold touch


Although the shelves you have are simple, with the right design and decoration, it will certainly be able to improve the aesthetics of the shelves and also the surrounding room. Give your shelves a touch of gold or you can buy shelves with gold accents for instant results. This will certainly make your garden and the room in the dwelling look sweeter and more elegant.

Simple hanging rack for a mini garden


Installing shelves or shelves hung on the wall is certainly a simple thing and suitable for those of you who don't want to be complicated. Be sure to install the rack in the appropriate position and location. Then you can put some plants with the size according to the shelf to make it look stunning and beautiful.

Stunning tier rack on the terrace


Tier racks can certainly help to tidy up existing plants in your garden and home. With a chic design and the right arrangement, you will have a nice and refreshing view by looking at the neatly arranged terrace and the plants.

Zig zag rack makes a good design


This zig zag rack that has a vertical design is perfect for those of you who have limited land. And also the design of this shelf is suitable to be placed in the house or office with a display of fresh and relaxing plants and flowers.

Folding rack for simple and efficient


Folding shelves are certainly very suitable for minimalist home design and save space. You can freely move this shelf if you want a different design and decoration. The advantage of this folding shelf is, that you can fold the shelf without taking up much space if not used anymore.

A-tier rack for stylish decoration


This A-tier rack has nice and pretty visuals. This type of shelf is suitable for use to improve indoor aesthetics or for the right place. You can place fresh plants or beautiful flowers on this shelf for a soothing and neat garden design.

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