A to Z about Dahlia The Most Popular Flower for Summer

A to Z about Dahlia The Most Popular Flower for Summer

Homiful.com -- Dahlia flowers are very popular during the summer because of their beauty. Having a pink color makes many people make it a decoration in the house or in the garden. For those of you who are confused about how to plant this flower, this article will discuss the A to Z about Dahlia (The Most Popular Flower for Summer).

1. Plant overview

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This dahlia flower has a beautiful appearance with striking colors, and does not emit odors. In addition, this flower has benefits, namely the roots of this flower can be a cure for skin diseases while its petals can be used as a medicine to relieve inflammation from insect bites. Because of its beauty, this flower is also often used as a garnish for food.

2. When to plants ?

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As the title suggests, this flower is very popular during summer, so Dahlia flower is suitable for planting in summer with warm weather. But if you've already bought the seeds before summer, you can plant them in a greenhouse.

3. Where to plants?

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The location you plant this flower is very important for they survival, they needs a lot of 6 - 8 hours of sunlight to grow optimally. You can plant this flower in an area that has the most sunlight coverage, as well as little wind.

4. How to plants?

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1. Prepare a pot and insert a seedling medium consisting of soil, humus and fertilizer in a ratio of 1:1:1.
2. Sprinkle the dahlia seedlings evenly over the seedling media and then cover the seedlings using soil.
3. Make sure the soil is moist, avoid watering the seedlings so much that the soil becomes waterlogged. The dahlia seedlings will rot and not grow if the soil is too wet.
4. If it rains heavily, move the pot to a place that is not exposed to water so that the dahlia seedlings are not exposed to rain and become rotten.
5. Take care of the flower seedlings until they grow and have leaves. 
6. Transfer the growing flowers to a new planting medium in the form of a mixture of manure and husk in a ratio of 1:6.

5. How to take care

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Taking care of these dahlias is quite easy. Water the flowers regularly as they require moist soil that is neither dry nor too wet. Also, always clean the area around the flower from wild plants. Do not forget to apply fertilizer in moderation.

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