How to Make a Pothos Grow Fuller and Bushy Easily

How to Make a Pothos Grow Fuller and Bushy Easily -- Pothos plants, knew for their glossy leaf and trailing growth style, rank as the most common and popular houseplants. They require little care and may be grown in lots of ways, like hanging baskets, tabletop planters, and vertical gardens. These aroids are popular because of their lush look, which may provide a tropical vibe to any area. 

Regular Pruning


Regular pruning will keep your plant looking neat and stimulate new growth. It is ideal to prune in the spring or summer, when the plant is actively growing. When your plant is less likely to produce new growth—fall or winter—avoid trimming. 

Never cut off more than ⅓ of a plant at once, and always use a pair of sharp, clean pruning shears or scissors. Another advantage of frequent trimming is the ability to propagate stem cuttings, which is another way to make your pothos fuller.



Pothos plant propagation is quick and simple, and you may re-pot the freshly rooted plants with the mother plant to make your pothos fuller. Propagation is done via stem cuttings and works best in the spring or summer. Remove any leaves from the lower part of the cuttings. Place the stem cuttings in water and in an area with bright, indirect light. 

Within a few weeks, little roots will sprout from the nodes along the cuttings. Plant the cuttings in the soil when the roots are 2 to 3 inches long; they will ultimately grow into full pothos vines.



Giving it enough light is one of the simplest methods to help your pothos grow lush and full. Without enough light, it will restrict its development and generate smaller leaves in order to preserve energy and live. Moving your plant to a brighter place will not always correct any current lanky growth, but it will stimulate strong new growth. 

Your pothos plant should ideally receive several hours of bright, indirect light every day. While these plants may thrive in low light, regular strong light results in a fuller plant.



Water pothos once the top 1 to 2 inches of soil have dried out. They can endure some drought, but if your plant is often underwater, the leaves will suffer. Water your plant on a regular basis, particularly during its busy growing season in the spring and summer. A self-watering container or adding water globes to the soil can assist keep the soil well-watered.



To stimulate rapid leaf development, top dress the plant's soil with compost or use a liquid seaweed solution once or twice a month. If you choose a solid fertilizer, sprinkle the necessary quantity on top of the soil and gently mix it in with a hand shovel. 

Consider using a nitrogen-rich formula over others. If you're using liquid fertilizer, apply a half-strength all-purpose fertilizer every four to six weeks. 

The optimal time to feed pothos plants is during the active growth season, which is in the spring and summer. In the fall and winter, avoid using fertilizer.

Try Basketing

Basketing is a type of propagation that will aid in the growth of your pothos throughout time. Wrapping the existing vines around the inside of the container allows the nodes along the stem to sit on top of the soil. 

New roots will sprout from the nodes throughout time, and the stems will push out multiple new growth points. When basketing, the nodes must remain in continual touch with the soil, therefore you may need to bind the stems against the soil with florist wire or a bent paperclip. 

Is it Necessary To Make Pothos Fuller?


If you are satisfied with the appearance of your pothos, there is no need to push them to grow fuller. Some pothos plants develop in single long vines, which is fine—it doesn't signify anything is wrong with its growth. Lush and bushy foliage indicates that your plant is happy and healthy, and it's also attractive. Furthermore, it is up to the gardener choice.

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