Create Magic in Your Sunroom with 7 Best Indoor Plants

Create Magic in Your Sunroom with 7 Best Indoor Plants -- If you have a sunroom at home, and want to fill it with various plants, here are 7 recommendations for indoor plants that are suitable to fill your sunroom. So, check out Create Magic in Your Sunroom with 7 Best Indoor Plants.

1. Orchids

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Orchids are the first recommendation that can fill your sunroom. They can withstand a lot of light and humidity, so they are perfect for sunny areas. In addition, its beautiful shape is also a main point.


2. Hibiscus

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Having a bright color can liven up your sunroom, hibiscus can be your choice. Besides being beautiful, easy maintenance is also one of the advantages of this plant which is easy drainage and tight fit.

3. African Violets

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Having a beautiful purple color can make your sunroom more colorful. This plant can survive in pots, direct light or room light.

4. String of Pearls

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This vine is suitable for you to hang in the area in front of the window because besides being beautiful, this plant also needs a lot of sunlight to grow. In addition, it's also easy to grow, all you have to do is propagate them.

5. Peace Lily


Next up is the peace lily, which is easy to maintain indoors. Besides being beautiful, this peace lily can also help purify the air in your sunroom, so that the air becomes clean.

6. Boston Ferns

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This plant has 2 options, you can plant it in pots or you can make it into hanging plants. This type of plant is suitable to grow in a humid place, so make sure these Boston ferns have enough water.

7. Begonias

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The last plant recommendation is begonias. This is a low-maintenance plant. Only with light shade, ample water and proper drainage, this garden will grow beautifully and decorate your sunroom.

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