7 Unusual Flowers - That Looks Like Something Else

Homiful.com - Nature has a lot of interesting things that seem to be a secret because they have not been discovered by most people. One of them is some of the following plants that look unique or strange, but become things that make many people admire because they look like something else. Are you interested? Check out 7 Unusual Flowers - That Looks Like Something Else.

Calceolaria uniflora

Calceolaria uniflora has a unique shape like an adorable cartoon character. They grow well in mountainous areas and are relatively short as they can only grow up to 4 inches. When you have it, make sure to provide the right mix of soil media so that it does not stagnate and make the flowers easily rot.

Bird of Paradise

This one is more familiar than the others because they are tropical plants that many have. The leaves are like bananas but have beautiful bird-like flowers with bright colors like tropical flowers in general. That's why they also have the name bird of paradise.

Impatiens Bequaertii

This plant is better known as a dancing girl because of how it looks. The white color with details like a girl with both hands raised and a knee-length dress that flutters as if she is having fun dancing. This plant grows in the rain forest areas of East Africa.



Psychotria elata

What did you think of when you saw this flower? Aren't we on the same page. The red color bursts like beautiful lips and looks stunning among the green leaves. This beautiful shape is a phase of bracts that can attract butterflies to help pollinate it.

Bleeding Hearts (Lamprocapnos spectabilis)

The name seems to represent the shape of this flower. They have a heart shape with a reddish color that perfectly matches their shape. However, there are drops of blood that make you look twice. This plant can grow up to 90 cm and can be found in certain areas of Asia.



Laughing bumblebee orchid (ophrys bombyliflora)

At first glance they look like beetles and bees that have beautiful patterns on their wings. This plant belongs to the orchid family with diverse flowers in bright colors that will attract the attention of many animals and humans.

Parrot Flower (Impatiens Psittacina)

Parrots flying and getting caught in the branches will be the image that sticks when looking at this beautiful and unique flower. They have a beautiful gradation of purple color that will make anyone take a picture to share its beauty. This plant blooms between October and November for a few weeks only.

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