Flower Ideas: How To Grow and Care for Treasure Flower

 Homiful.com - Treasure flower or Gazania is commonly called with African daisy. This beautiful flower is a part of warm weather perennial with a composite flower in vibrant shades of yellow and orange. And to know, Treasure Flower is low maintenance and good for brightening up hard to landscape space. Below are the steps for growing and caring for Gazania flowers.

Growing from seeds


In fact, starting to grow Gazania from seed can be an easy way. You can spread direct seeds on the soil that has been scratched. Whether it's the soil in the garden or the pot. Then cover the seeds with a thin layer of soil.

Darkness from the ground can help Gazania seeds sprout. Keep the soil moist but not wet until germination occurs. Make sure to plant this Gazania when it is past winter or frost.

Light, soil, and watering


Gazania can thrive in a full-sun area. Shady morning and afternoon light can cause flowers to stay closed for a portion of the day and can also grow thin. Plant Gazania in well-draining soil. However, they tolerate many soil types and conditions.

Just like any other plant, let the soil on the Gazania dry out before watering. To find out the signs that Gazania needs water, you can see the leaves that turn rough.

Temperature and humidity


Can grow and survive in a full sun area, Gazania certainly likes hot temperatures and humidity. This flower can also survive in dry conditions and works well as adaptable flowers.



In its natural habitat, South Africa, Gazania grows in rocky areas that have low fertility. So, this plant does not really need compost and supplements.



Pruning is done if you want plants or flowers that look neat and beautiful. And if you plant Gazania as a perennial, prune it in late winter or early spring. Or if you don't prune flowers, you can prune the foliage to a few inches above the ground.

The issues


Usually, most Gazania are trouble-free. However, sometimes leaf spots and powdery mildew can attack Gazania due to humid environmental conditions.

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